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released November 14, 2016

Recorded by Freddie and Mathew

East coast of Scotland



all rights reserved


Gay Panic Defence Scotland, UK


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Track Name: Do you even believe bro?
Aren't you a tad old
For an imaginary friend
Belief is not truth
Its just something that's been said
By a man in a hat
Or a man in a beard
Or a man with a funny collar
Who touches up kids
Crowd control
For the masses
Keeps you scared
Burn all the churches
Burn all the books
That tell you how to live
Burn it to the ground
Track Name: KDY thick as fuck squad
I'll say what I want
Don't tell me that I'm wrong
I have no actual reasoning
I will never say a word
To anyone's face
I'll stir up shit
About queers and ALF's case
Track Name: Objectivity is male subjectivity
Women dress like men
Just to be taken serious
I think you would have to be
Fucking delirious
To be a sexist cunt
So shut the fuck up
Get the women to the front
Girls to the front
Macho bullshit
Don't play along
Just to get along
It's fucking dumb
Track Name: Oxy Moron
Bred to die, they cry and cry
Don't kill animals, just give it a try
When you look at your plate
I hope you feel like a disgrace
There's no such thing
As humane slaughter
Just fear and pain
A bolt through the brain
It's so fucking stupid
You're so fucking stupid
Track Name: Tits, beer and football
My life's great
Glad to be a man
I'll never wear pink
Or cry in to my hands
Tits beer football
My life's fine